Keynote Presentations

Wendy D. Lynch, Ph.D. – Developing a Culture of Balance

Dr. Ann Albright – Diabetes Prevention

Session 1

Jamie Atlas – Your Corporate Wellness Program, Playground-ified: Treating People like People Again

Marcia Kent – Strengthening Emotional Resiliency and Well Being

Sandra Miller – How to Keep a Wellness Program Fresh and Creative

Diane Waters – ACA Legal Update: The Bumpy Ride Continues

Session 2

Michelle Haan – Health Links: Engaging Colorado’s Small Employers to Create Healthy Communities

Karen Curran and Mike Butler – Connecting to Business Outcomes: Linking Health and Productivity to Business Performance

Tanya Dillard – Planning and Executing a Successful Wellness Program

Not Me Diabetes Prevention Program: A Panel Discussion on Evidence-based Solutions for Employers

Karen Smiddy and Rebecca Steinfort – Advanced Wellness Session: Beyond Wellness into a Medical Home

Session 3

Brad Cooper – The 5 Most Dangerous Trends in Employee Wellness

Lisa Bailey – Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Lindsay Horning and Colleen Reilly – Elements of a Successful Wellness Program with Chipotle

Robert Smith and Vanessa Newport – ValuePort: A Tool to Help Employers

Billy Wynne – The Affordable Care Act and Employers: Where Are We Now? David Gilkey – Corporate Wellness Meets Safety Culture

Session 4

David Gilkey – Corporate Wellness Meets Safety Culture: Why Protecting Workers Is Good Business?

Diane Sieg – Chaos To Calm in 30 Days! Engage and Empower Your Employees in a Mindfulness Challenge

Lisa Ponder – Next Practices in Workplace Wellness: Reducing Work Life Conflict (Link Brings You to Prezi Website)